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MET-Rx Alpha Lipoic AcidMET-Rx Alpha Lipoic Acid
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a powerful anti-oxidant. ALA is water and fat soluble so can function anywhere in the body. It boosts antioxidant action of both vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as helping to neutralise cell damaging free radicals in both the water soluble and fat soluble compartments in the cell.
Met-Rx Amped ECN NOSMet-Rx Amped ECN NOS
Met-Rx Hardcore Amped ECN NOS takes sports nutrition supplementation to a new dimension by combining advanced nutrients and core ingredients to support extreme energy and circulation to the cell.
MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Bars (12 Bars)MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Bars (12 Bars)
MET-Rx Big 100 Meal Replacement Bars are sure to satisfy your appetite. These bars are the ultimate feast with Cookie Dough, Super Cookie Crunch or Crispy Apple Pie Flavours to choose from.
Met-Rx Big 100 Colossal Brownie BarMet-Rx Big 100 Colossal Brownie Bar
The fresh baked taste of MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Brownies makes it hard to believe that each one is packed with 30g of protein including MET-Rx’s exclusive METAMYOSYN. Unbelievably delicious, these High Protein Brownies microwave hot in just 8 seconds.
MET-Rx CarniTest 1000MET-Rx CarniTest 1000
Hard training can take a toll on your body; decreasing recovery and halting your progress in the gym dead in its tracks. MET-Rx's CarniTest 1000 is designed to help speed recovery by reducing exercise-induced muscle damage and soreness that are normal consequences of any serious bodybuilding program.
MET-Rx Creatine Capsules 700mg (240 capsules)MET-Rx Creatine Capsules 700mg (240 capsules)
Met-RX is one of the leading sports nutrition brands and they recognise the proven anabolic effects of creatine monohydrate. That's why MET-Rx Creatine capsules contain pure HPLC creatine monohydrate of pharmaceutical grade, guaranteeing maximum purity and potency. Each daily serving delivers 4.2g of pure creatine monohydrate.
MET-Rx Hardcore BCAAMET-Rx Hardcore BCAA
Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which plays a role in normal growth and development. Branched chain amino acids - made up of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine - comprise approximately 35% of the amino acid composition of muscle tissue.
MET-Rx Hardcore CEE AKGMET-Rx Hardcore CEE AKG
MET-Rx Hardcore CEE AKG has delivered the next generation in advanced Creatine technology with their exclusive CEE-Sorb Complex; a specially formulated mixture of Esterified Creatine and Creatine AKG. Specially designed to support muscle growth and help increase strength, power and recovery from intense workouts.
MET-Rx Hardcore CLAMET-Rx Hardcore CLA
CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a slightly altered form of the essential fatty acid linoleic acid and may help maintain an optimal balance between lean muscle and fat. Controlled scientific studies have shown that supplementing with CLA may favourably affect body composition.
MET-Rx Hardcore EFAsMET-Rx Hardcore EFAs
MET-Rx Hardcore EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids) provide a combination of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9, which are the 'good' fats beneficial to supporting body functions.
MET-Rx Hardcore HMBMET-Rx Hardcore HMB
MET-Rx HMB (beta hydroxy-beta-methybutyrate) is a metabolite of the essential amino acid Leucine. HMB appears to play a role in the synthesis of protein, particularly the protein that builds new muscle tissue. Research suggests that HMB may improve the growth of lean muscle tissue.
MET-Rx Hardcore L-Glutamine Powder (300g)MET-Rx Hardcore L-Glutamine Powder (300g)
Glutamine is a component of muscle cells and may promote replenishment of muscle glycogen stores after exercise when combined with carbohydrates.
MET-Rx Hi-Test Liquid AminoMET-Rx Hi-Test Liquid Amino
MET-Rx Hi-Test Liquid Amino is the easily digested Amino Acid source specially designed to be used as part of a hardcore training regimen.
MET-Rx Joint GuardMET-Rx Joint Guard
Heavy lifting plus extreme stress on your muscles and joints, which is why it's essential to provide your body with firepower it needs to come back bigger and stronger.
MET-Rx L-Glutamine 1000mg CapsulesMET-Rx L-Glutamine 1000mg Capsules
Glutamine is a a component of muscle cells. Glutamine may promote replenishment of muscle glycogen stores after exercise when combined with carbohydrates.
MET-Rx L-Glutamine 500mg CapsulesMET-Rx L-Glutamine 500mg Capsules
Glutamine is a a component of muscle cells. Glutamine may promote replenishment of muscle glycogen stores after exercise when combined with carbohydrates.
MET-Rx Liquid L-Carnitine 1500MET-Rx Liquid L-Carnitine 1500
MET-Rx Liquid L-Carnitine 1500 is one of the most versatile supplements available - perfect for all athletes. Carnitine helps the body convert food into energy - providing support for endurance exercise (aerobic) and during recovery from high intensity activities such as weightlifting and sprinting (anaerobic training).
MET-Rx Mass GainerMET-Rx Mass Gainer
This is an advanced formulation which combines high quality protein, energy, vitamins, minerals and amino acids into one convenient serving.
MET-Rx Meal Replacement (20 Sachets)MET-Rx Meal Replacement (20 Sachets)
MET-Rx MRP Sachets are the original meal replacement supplements. MET-Rx was the first brand to start the meal replacement powder trend.
MET-Rx Protein PlusMET-Rx Protein Plus
MET-Rx Protein Plus formulation consists of a specific amino-acid array containing high concentrations of molecular weight whey protein bio-active peptides, the highest quality component protein available.
Met-Rx Protein Plus Bars (12 Bars)Met-Rx Protein Plus Bars (12 Bars)
Athletes, anyone pursuing a high protein diet and active people from all walks of life require a higher protein intake than the average person - and the new Protein Plus bar is the best tasting, most convenient way to get that extra protein.
MET-Rx Protein RevolutionMET-Rx Protein Revolution
Met-Rx Protein Revolution is the ultimate, enhanced muscle mass formula – a cutting-edge protein formulation containing FOUR high-performance blends, designed to take your training to the next level.
MET-Rx Pure Creatine Powder (1000g)MET-Rx Pure Creatine Powder (1000g)
Creatine is an excellent supplemental choice for athletes and active adults. Creatine is a key player in energy transfer within muscles and enhances the ability to produce higher muscular force, especially during short bouts of maximal exercise and helps to promote athletic performance.
MET-Rx RTD 55 (6 RTDs)MET-Rx RTD 55 (6 RTDs)
Met-Rx RTD 55 is a delicious, quick and easy way to maintain protein stores and in turn aid muscle recovery and strength. It contains a full 55 grams of protein with only 14 grams of carbs and 2 grams of fat. It is perfect for building lean muscle and avoiding gains in unsightly body fat.
MET-Rx ShakerMET-Rx Shaker
MET-Rx Shaker quickly and easily prepares delicious mixes, shakes, drinks and more!
MET-Rx Super Whey Protein ShotMET-Rx Super Whey Protein Shot
Met-Rx Super Whey Protein Shots make it easy to get the protein your body needs with 26 grams packed into an amazing tasting shot.
MET-Rx Super Whey Protein Shots (Pack of 6)MET-Rx Super Whey Protein Shots (Pack of 6)
Met-Rx Super Whey Protein Shots make it easy to get the protein your body needs with 26 grams packed into an amazing tasting shot.
MET-Rx Supreme Whey (2.2kg)MET-Rx Supreme Whey (2.2kg)
MET-Rx 100% Pure Whey Protein Powder is a high quality blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate, Supreme Whey protein powder is perfect for those wishing to build and maintain a strong, healthy physique.
MET-Rx Xtreme Creatine BlastMET-Rx Xtreme Creatine Blast
High Performance creatine is derived from the purest, highest quality creatine monohydrate available and is popular amongst weight lifters and other strength athletes.
MET-Rx Xtreme Isotonic Drink MixMET-Rx Xtreme Isotonic Drink Mix
Met-Rx Xtreme Isotonic Drink Mix is a technically advanced drink designed to support optimum functioning of mental and physical performance. The blend of beneficial ingredients, including amino acids and vitamins, helps to maintain mental focus, stamina and alertness.
MET-Rx Xtreme Multi-VitaminsMET-Rx Xtreme Multi-Vitamins
MET-Rx Xtreme Multi Vitamins contains 31 vitamins and minerals, enabling you to get your daily need of vast and complex vital nutrients. Multivitamin and mineral supplements are perhaps the most important single supplement that can be consumed by bodybuilders and athletes.
MET-Rx Xtreme Nitro Pump NOSMET-Rx Xtreme Nitro Pump NOS
Nitric Oxide (NO) helps to increase and prolong muscle pump. New from MET-Rx, Xtreme Nitro Pump NOS is designed to support exercise and post-exercise states.
MET-Rx Xtreme Size UpMET-Rx Xtreme Size Up
If you are one of those people who have a tough time packing on solid, powerful muscle, try MET-Rx Xtreme Size Up, specially designed for those who want to gain weight and pack on quality mass. MET-Rx Xtreme Size Up contains many key ingredients to help keep you growing when other weight gainers quit. MET-Rx specially selected nutrients are designed to meet your body's needs for both immediate and sustained energy and protein synthesis.
MET-Rx Xtreme Thermo CrushMET-Rx Xtreme Thermo Crush
MET-Rx Xtreme Thermo Crush helps increase energy and supports your cutting cycle! The Xtreme Thermo Crush formula contains synergistic ingredients to stimulate epinephrine & norepinephrine release - which plays a key role in cellular metabolism and thermogenesis.
MET-Rx Xtreme Thermo SurgeMET-Rx Xtreme Thermo Surge
MET-Rx Xtreme Thermo Surge is a thermogenic formula that may be beneficial if you are looking to use up energy in your body that may be stored as fat. It can also aid normal energy expenditure.
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Big 100 Colossal Bars (12 Bars)
Big 100 Colossal Brownie Bar
CarniTest 1000
Creatine Capsules 700mg (240 capsules)
Hardcore BCAA
Hardcore CEE AKG
Hardcore CLA
Hardcore EFAs
Hardcore HMB
Hardcore L-Glutamine Powder (300g)
Hardcore L-Glutamine Powder (500g)
Hi-Test Liquid Amino
Joint Guard
L-Glutamine 1000mg Capsules
L-Glutamine 500mg Capsules
Liquid L-Carnitine 1500
Mass Gainer
Meal Replacement (20 Sachets)
Meal Replacement (60 Sachets)
Protein Plus
Protein Plus Bars (12 Bars)
Protein Revolution
Pure Creatine Powder (1000g)
Pure Creatine Powder (400g)
RTD 55 (6 RTDs)
Super Whey Protein Shot
Super Whey Protein Shots (Pack of 6)
Supreme Whey (2.2kg)
Supreme Whey (908g)
Xtreme Creatine Blast
Xtreme Isotonic Drink Mix
Xtreme Multi-Vitamins
Xtreme Nitro Pump NOS
Xtreme Size Up
Xtreme Thermo Crush
Xtreme Thermo Surge
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